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Jun. 21st, 2016 06:59 pm
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While Solus Prime tries to make time to talk with anyone who wishes to do so, she is often away in her mines or workshop and rarely found when actively sought. Her Acolytes, however, are always available for questions, and will happily pass on messages. You may also attempt to make an appointment with one of them, but there is no guarantee she will even return in time to view the request.

Feel free to RP out the contact, or simply give a summary.
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[An Acolyte is waiting for you at the entrance to Solus' tunnel system; it immediately turns and leads you further down, down through the winding paths hidden under the rock and metal surface.

While Solus' Forge had gone cold and unused while the First Forged were gone, the tunnels are getting increasingly hot the further down you go. If you've been invited down before, you should recognize the grand, vault-like doors that guard the mouth of Solus' private workshop. If you are an organic or particularly heat sensitive, the temperature is quickly becoming unbearable. Thankfully, organic or not, the Acolyte hands you a small, flat metal device, capped with a Solian-purple gem; it activates the moment it is in your grasp, and with a shimmer of light, the heat is mercifully cut off as a almost completely transparent field forms a bubble around you. And a good thing, too: the moment the doors open, the wave of heat escaping through them is visible in the air, scorchingly hot. It might even be enough to bubble the paint on the average Cybertronian, though you thankfully do not have to find out; the drone seems curiously without any coloration for that very reason.

The Acolyte leads you further inside, and you pass numerous platforms and work tables along the way that are covered with Solus Prime's ongoing projects. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to pause long enough to get a better look. The sound of metal hitting metal rings ever louder as you approach the Prime herself; she is busy at work in front of a molten forge, the Forge-Hammer swinging down in a steady pattern. A still-red-hot lump of metal - immediately recognizable as Cybertronium to those of you with the second of her gifts - is shaped into a perfect cube with a single swing, steamy heat waves erupting from it as it abruptly cools with the force of the shaping. A second swing converts it to some complex, gleaming device that only roughly resembles the cube it so briefly was. It looks like a tiny part of some more infinite whole, but no explanation seems to be forthcoming; Solus lifts it and places it in a container at her side, where many more similar items rest.

Only then does she turn to face you.]

I will tell you now, as you may have already gathered, the arrival of the Pillar was the work of the Chaos-Bringer himself. He is stepping up his attacks - and so we too, must increase the speed of our own tasks, if Cybertron is to Become.

So we must depart from the Haven.

[She holds up a hand to hold off any interruptions.]

Our Tasks will take time, and being within easy reach is the cost. Given this news, as well as the recent events, this is your chance to ask any questions you may have.


The conversation will continue on from this point depending on how you respond below. Goa will be around to answer this log until the 5th of January, at which point anything not wrapped up will be summarized. Regardless of what turns the topic takes, Solus has a gift for her aligned:

The device handed to you does more than block out unpleasant heat, but extreme cold as well. Harmful solar radiation - and other forms of more extreme radiation - are also blotted out, even as breathable air still somehow passes through the field.

Rain, acid or otherwise, runs off the shell, but going through water quickly begins to feel like wading through a sauna - air would soon become a problem as well, as there is no air to filter in. The water pressure, however, is no longer a problem.

Should Solus return in the future, you would be wise to bring the device with you, if you attempt a visit. Otherwise, it's use is up to you.


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